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February 20th 2019, OPEM has organized SCIENCE AND ICT DAY at Central Lyceum, in Ghana. Eight lab workshop were settle to help students to realized different manipulations: lighting two bobs in serial and parallel, lighting 2 LED in serial and in parallel, starting of CC motor, Archimedes’s principle, sulfur combustion, gas dilatation, fabrication of hydrogen, ICT and coding. Students of OPEM helped their friends of Central to do these labs.

OPEM projects assistants monitor the event by giving details explanations. Students of Central Lyceum were really happy to touch and manipulate Physics and Chemistry equipments they have event seen.

Science teacher also took this opportunity to explain some lessons. At the end of the day, students attest have learned a lot during this science and ICT day. They asked OPEM to be back to their school as soon as possible for more labs.

By Victor José Afanou CEO OPEM

Science & ICT Day in GHANA



Since the beginning of this academic year, Technology became a classic subject at Form 1 in every secondary school at Togo. The education policy makers have developed a specific curricular to connect pupils and young with practice and creation. This reform in the Togo education system is welcome and has to be enhanced and copied in different countries to promote development of Africa. Technology teaching in every secondary must be benefic for the student unless the lesson is though properly. Technology is based on language, specific vocabulary and technical drawing. Science teachers with theoretical education, even with Master degree are not prepared to teach Technology. That’s the reason why OPEM has organized two modules of practice training for Togo technology teachers to help them to achieve their goal by giving appropriate courses to the learners. January 16th and 23rd 2019, technology teachers from different schools attended this training at OPEM HQ. They confirm the training can really help them to teach properly technology.   


Depuis la rentrée scolaire de septembre 2018, la technologie est devenue une matière à part entière en classe de 6ième dans l’enseignement général au Togo. Les officiels de l’éducation togolaise ont développé un programme spécifique pour aider les enseignants à dispenser convenablement le cours de technologie qui, l’année prochaine, sera étendu en 5ième. Si cette reforme éducative est bien accueillie, doit être encouragée et copiée par différents pays pour le développement africain, il convient de préciser que la technologie est une matière spécifique avec son langage de communication, son vocabulaire, le dessin technique, et le schéma. De ce fait même des enseignants disposant d’un Master en Physique, Chimie ou Mathématique ont besoin de suivre une formation appropriée afin d’apporter du meilleur aux élèves dans ce domaine. Les 16 et 23 janvier 2019, les enseignants de technologie de différents établissements ont assisté à cette formation édifiante à OPEM Académie. Ils ont tous attesté que cette formation leur permettra de mieux donner leur cours.