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OPEM’s eLearning portal to reduce the impacts of covid-19 on African education

Since March 2020, the global word is facing the covid-19 disease that has and is keeping a very bad impact on education systems worldwide particularly in Africa. In developed countries, during the past short down, although schools were closed, students continue to follow their programs by eLearning typical as if they were going to school. To help African French Countries students to pursue their programs out of schools, OPEM staff has developed a dynamic eLearning platform that covers primary and secondary classes. All the school subjects are serious on these OPEM online classes. Students can be connected any time, download lessons or study online, solve exercises, chat with colleagues and teachers and even have assessments. OPEM’s eLearning portal which is open for all is used by students from Togo, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal. Students have to log on OPEM website  and “Cours en ligne”.

A school boy connected at home, learning on OPEM’s online website

The big problems in Africa are: Internet access and necessary ICT devices such as smart phone, iPhone, tablets and computers. We all need to strengthen African education system and to bring quality and practice skills to the youth. We therefore ask deciders and policy makers to do their outmost so that students and teachers can have easy access to the necessary equipments for eLearning.

Dr. Victor José K. AFANOU