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CESA 16-25: Strategic Objectives 7: Let’s disseminate practice science teaching across Africa

Africa is on the road and we need to strengthen science for our sustainable development. The large majority of our secondary schools still in the pure theoretical method of teaching in which the student imagine what the teacher is talking about. We use to say: “we do not have the resource to…” and we all know that if we want the learners to be creative, innovative and ingenious, we deeply need to make science evident for them and the only way to do this, is to let them manipulate. What future we want for Africa? We need scientists and technicians. No one will come from US, Europe or China to create laboratories in our schools, even though, we will be always dependent. Following the CESA 16 -25 (Continental Education Strategy for Africa) in its Strategic Objectives SO 7:  OPEM urges science teachers across the Continent to step up a new teaching method based on lab. We can bring every single science lesson into reality for the kids. Science knowledge has to be disseminating wherever in Africa and we teachers have to integrate science culture in our teaching method by practice and lab in everyday lesson.


Victor J. AFANOU


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