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From 8th to 10th June 2011 has taken place in UNESCO headquarters in Paris the education summit 2011. More than 150 participants from Brazil, Mexico, US, Canada, UK, Japan, China, Africa, Australia and Europe spent 3 days to wonder how ICT can be used in school to bring easy learning and quality education. We are in digital age and education that is the fundamental element for

human resource has to be restructured and adapted to the age. Information and Communication Technology is using many devices and electronic equipments to bring the world together in a global education. All over the word kids, pupils and learners have mobile phone and many devices with access to network. CD, DVD, Flash registers, TV and even Radios are equipments and infrastructures that can be use to make knowledge available eveywhere and anytime.

The outcomes and recommendations of this assembly are as big as they are pushing education toward another level. In Africa, how can we bring a new vision of really education that promotes development; education based on:
– learning by doing, not only in science but in whatever you learn;

– learning by fun in education system that takes in account Africa and his needs

– doing all this by using ICT at schools for digital education.

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