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Africa needs engineers and scientists

It is clear for us that there is no development without technology and no one will transfer technology in Africa as technology is a result of a long and expensive research. We the people in Africa have to be deeply engaged in a new development of scientific culture through the entire continent with the commitment to share our skills. We also have to implement automatically our skills to move from craft to industrialization. This has to start by Quality Science teaching that needs training and update of science and technology teachers. Nowadays, knowledge is available and we only need to reconsider the mission, the pedagogy and the methodology of teachers. Africa needs new leaders as new generation of engineers, doctors, computer scientists (IT), chemists, who focus their research on the use of the assets of our continent to solve our problems. It’s hard to understand that less than 20% of African has access to electricity when the sun shines nine hour a day. The lack of education and the poverty of the education system characterized by thousands of students for a teacher without adequate training bring on the market place, the graduates without the needed skills to develop. We the people of Africa recognized the talent of the kids and we have to take necessaries actions to disseminate quality science teaching and active teacher training in Africa. We have to use our geophysical situation and assets as sun shine, the wind, and the great rivers to create energy and industrialize Africa. Investors are doing business by taking profit from our continent. Africa needs Quality Science teaching to promote proper technology and sustainable development. Africa teachers have theoretical courses at university and continue to teachers as they were taught and this affect the human resource. We need to move to another level of Science and Technology teaching by integrating lab in everyday teaching with project pedagogy and implementation of our projects in societal development. Quality and practice science teaching, project pedagogy and research bring technology that is the key of industrialization.

Victor J. K. Afanou

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